ROBLOX RONALD + MINITOON vs. FGTeeV (Double Chapter 6 The Museum & Yacht Escape or Not)

7 okt 2020
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  • This is legit

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  • Do part 7

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  • Thank you for you are you game have GTV I have awry get the cupcakes hello I can get a cupcake and this game is so cool thank you for it by

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  • Is shawn a little bean🤣🤣🤣

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  • الله ياخذك ⁦ಠ‿ಠ⁩

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  • Hi fgteetv tis a game of ronadh and dasi is new capreh 6 from ronadh rahtih fgteetv

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  • fgteev you should look what key you have in than find the key lock what you have in than mach what key you have and what key lock

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  • Shawn is so cute

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  • We should play we should play Uno

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  • That’s bandites with his only trusted bandit

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  • Wow this is SO scary

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  • he's name is bandites

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  • Are you the star CO

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  • Why did I think chase said use diarrhea123pc lol hahah

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    • Chase said that.

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  • hi fgteev im really a big fan of you guys and im allways wahing your video ive started watching your channel like 3 years ago

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  • I love all your shows FGTeeV Is I'm a little kid nice really really wanna be when your friends In Roblox.

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  • Meee yelling there's a fan:fgteev that not a fan it our cousin.

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  • 3:32 Voice tune!!!!!

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  • Can you play more 🎂

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  • You guys missed a lot on different games you've played

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  • I love vidoe

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  • Shawn plays among us????

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  • Yo chapter 7 of ronald is out

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  • Fgteev can you play cookie run

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  • Fgteev go watch thinknodless buta fnaf world version you didint get alot of the character at fnaf world

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  • ROBLOX RONALD + MINITOON vs. FGTeeV (Double Chapter 6 The Museum & Yacht Escape or Not)

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  • I love lex I am a girl OK

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  • 1:46 is when lex exposes her 4 million 404 thousand 342 robux lol 😂

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  • Guys use star code fgteev for buying robux is fun it gives me robux all day

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  • duddy has no faith in shawn lol

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  • my dad would be mad if someone took his speakers he has like six

  • FGTeeV Piggy BOOK 2 chapter 4 is here

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  • FGTEEV plays Ronald chapter 7

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  • Shawn said i cant even eat my food can you like go away and thats chase said in the i just want some McDonald's song

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  • When was this was May 202020 21

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  • Lexi: There is a purple guy!!! Me: Michael?!?!

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  • dude near the captain room in the blue pool was the wrench

  • this minitoon look like him but i think thats minitoon father

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  • 9:10-9:13 Did you notice Shawn was singing the new FGTEEV song called "I just wanted Mcdonald's"

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    • I notice it.

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