New HELLO NEIGHBOR the CROW GAME! (FGTeeV Hello Guest Alpha 1: The Never Ending Gameplay )

13 juuni 2020
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HELLO GUEST! What is it? A weird Hello Neighbor like Sneaky Bird man who sneaks up on you while you are just trying to do your job! Ok, so technically the Creep bird is a Raven from Raven Brooks and not a crow, but you know, a crow sounds cooler! Skip to 11:38 to see our new dog Ollie! Thumbs up if I should play more and escape the roof!
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  • cool namber one or two or thee or four hmm i think fgteev is god dud i like you i subscraibe you and like you and i click the bell cool and go in the maonten

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    • the neighbor is not the crow the neighbor is cinnap

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  • Duddy the gru person in the store is actually the crow because the crow has a sharp and yellow beek and gru has a white

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