PIGGY Book 2: Trolling Robloxians & Bots in Alley's (FGTeeV Funny Roblox Gameplay)

22 sept 2020
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  • Can you make a video about Chapter 5 Piggy book 2 please

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  • 7:12 Me: Taps alt

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    Hot ChocoHot ChocoPäev tagasi
  • I think I saw a video and it was Rosie and that she looks really old

    Alyssa CampbellAlyssa CampbellPäev tagasi
  • There is a game in roblok called beat up simulator

    Gina RajaGina RajaPäev tagasi
  • U r colorblind bruh

    Play time With AndrewPlay time With AndrewPäev tagasi
  • We do a lot of gaming maps

    Daisy BrownDaisy BrownPäev tagasi
  • On a ad I saw FGTEEV play a game with his fam

    Junior DorrelusJunior DorrelusPäev tagasi
  • :)

    catherin cruz cruzcatherin cruz cruzPäev tagasi
  • Did he do e/ dance?

    MalenchinMalenchinPäev tagasi
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  • Lol i though hes gunna says oh u playin Menicraft i like ya cut g

    Samjacob DoriaSamjacob DoriaPäev tagasi
  • Dare: I dare yiu to alt 4

    jonard riverajonard riveraPäev tagasi
  • /e point /e dance2 /e dance3

    jonard riverajonard riveraPäev tagasi
  • Tpye /e wave

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  • If uour in infected rash you xant troll

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  • When I go to Roblox to put your name to get Robux i don’t know where do put it I mean it doesn’t work

    Maricruz De AzaMaricruz De Aza2 päeva tagasi
  • Man piggy hates him alot 😆

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  • duddy said "he out to get your a$$" at this time 5:56 to 5:58

    taylortaylor3 päeva tagasi
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    Ashly ScarlanAshly Scarlan3 päeva tagasi
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    Rachael McConaghieRachael McConaghie3 päeva tagasi
  • FGTeeV: What how did he do that theirs no emotes in this game me: I ThInK that you type "/e wave" in chat

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  • PIGGY Book 2: Trolling Robloxians & Bots in Alley's (FGTeev Funny Roblox Gameplay)

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