ROBLOX SPIDER - Escape the 8 Legged Freak (FGTeeV vs. FGTeeV Chapter 1)

16 juuni 2020
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I'm A Spider and You Can't JUMP over my traps! Muahahahahaa! This game is different and we love it, but we need BOT mode! Thumbs up for more or else their wont be. :)
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  • You can turn blood off in settings

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  • I like chase not lex because he killed chase

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  • there is a glitch that the spider cant get you

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  • Ok but I don’t understand why chase left just because he didn’t win! That’s stupid. Yeah so he quits just to cry

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  • This is the game that made me had arachnophobia-

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  • I love you fGTERV

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  • i played this game and I died a lot of times :

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  • :lex that’s discussing :lex again I have the blue key :fgteev and lex getting eaten NOOOOH!!

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  • Showing everybody is it again horsey owl also I'm going to make a video tomorrow I'm just a humble person but not down cuz he just died don't let him because he's a boy and he's not my freaking dad I freaking have my own dondia why when my editor dad be my freaking freaking dad AZ Fortune cool

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  • ROBLOX SPIDER - Escape the 8 Legged Freak (FGTeeV vs. FGTeeV Chapter 1)

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  • they orange vault gives you bug spray that will stun the spider for 20 seconds but to get the beg spray you also need the crowbar

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