ROBLOX RONALD Chapter 5! The MALL with FRIENDS! Lex = Oof (FGTeeV Escape)

17 sept 2020
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  • Fgteev why you dint vlog now

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  • Nkti friend you now i got you now nttv roblox and my name is our flower pink you better give me well because i'm broke i'm new to this roblox game ok i never played it i just saw your youtube and i decided to get one please give me how much will but you want to give me i'm your fan and i thought your school of you happy to my friend help me to

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  • Who else is watching this on 2021 Lol XD and it's funny how he called Mrs.Snaps Mrs. SnackXD and who else is also a fan of VuxVux

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  • My sister does not do your star code but I do the FGTEEV STAR code, and you guys are the best you tubers in the world, and I’ve watched all your music videos, and the last song you guys did was McDonald’s and the other one was psycho pig which was piggy and the other one was down with the pew and the other one was ant bully and the last one is APE CHASE! And also I’ve watched all your videos and have a funnel day/ night

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  • Maybe this is from chapter 3

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  • CAN YOU GUYS play more Scary teacher from Zachary

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  • who eles waching in 2021 XD this is a joke i think bc it happend in 2020 -,-

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  • ROBLOX RONALD Chapter 5! The MALL with FRIENDS! Lex = Oof (FGTeeV Escape)

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  • The guy who said mr snacks he has a EEworld he EEworld is vux vux

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  • When I was a little kid I used to watch your EEworld videos

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  • 4:05 He's Not Allergic To Cashiers, He's Allergic To *Cat Cashiers*

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    • waiting so log

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  • Can you play piggy book 2 chapter 4

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  • Ronald is a EEworldr from sis vs bro and he mad a restaurant in his house and he is I think 10 years old and he has a EEworld channel is called ronald omg and his sister is much bigger then him I think she is 18 years old and she has a EEworld channel is called karina omg

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  • thank you jump

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  • Play more amazing frog

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