EVIL NUN 2 & her BUFF Chicken will BEAT US cuz SHAWN DISTRACTS ME! (+ FGTeeV Important Announcement)

11 dets 2020
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So on a real note, the end of this video is pretty important for any FGTeeV & FV Family Fan to Hear. We have some issues that we are facing and uploads have been interrupted. Thank you all for the support and your patience.
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

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  • In the iphone

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  • In de iphone

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  • Your the last recipe a gives me dopamine

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  • Good editing

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  • Play ice cream for not liking your videos because I like your video of lce cream take a break for like a year or wherever you want just don't do it in like 10 years don't waste your time 10 years yes upload a video wherever you want but don't do it in one year you do it whatever you want but not too long

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  • Shawn is sus he so stupid and I don care of shawn

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  • 2:00

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  • C

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  • wow i like game is

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  • Hahahaha lol

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  • I’d like to see if Shawn laughs

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  • Hope you had a fun and happy Christmas and New Years😊🙂

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  • After prob more then five years of watching BUT SUBBEDDDD e

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  • This family should not be going through all this

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  • I love this channel there funny and make good content they deserve like 20 mill

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  • i love you fgteev

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  • Fgteev rod is in the game of evil nun2

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  • i feel for fgteev

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  • What the heck shawn

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  • Fun fact: your family watches badword but dont show them... your taking a break

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  • Fgteev l love your video

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  • FGTeeV can you play this game it's called cast the night the type of Five Nights at Freddy's game

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  • I happy and I see your videos went I was 5 or 6

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  • I have beat this game

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  • Shawn Is Always Making Me Happy 🥰

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  • Duddy You Have No Clickbait?

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  • I been watching sense I was 3 and I saw Lexi and mike together and I still watch it wow and I’m 13

  • Djdidjd Skdieieieieieiiedidjjdid Odidei DoeieKeeidod K

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  • you can buy a Indian slap your son but because he's annoyed you

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  • Yaeh that’s funny

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  • I love how she plays along all so could you play amoung us and put your name as you channel name and sing sycopig sorry if it’s to much to ask

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  • I Hope you get your data your Videos

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  • Shawn``hits Dudz with a stool`` Dudz``SHAWN!!! STOP!!!😡😡😡``

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  • Wait what about a rooster rooster protect The farm

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  • If u read all of the comments pin my comment

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  • Omgbthe comments

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  • WE ARE NOT PLAYING GAMES SHAWN when they are playing evil nun 2

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  • hello fgteev

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  • Thanks to this channel i have finnaly have channel and sorry about the noises cause where in Philippines

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  • I’m so sad rn Shawn is so old

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  • Remember when chase was born 🥺🤗

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  • Me when I ruin his game play 0:2

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  • The first thing that was a good app is the app it needs a little bit of the app r to see if you could come to in the next few weeks or so that you could get the rest and your family for a couple little of days to get the rest of the stuff out of the car to go to the house to go to the store to see what the guys going on and what are the kids doing it for a couple days so we could get a couple things for the house for a couple days so we could go out to dinner and get a couple of drinks for a little bit more than anything I can do it for the rest of the week and then we will have a couple things for dinner I love the rest of the kids so we will have a little more fgteev

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  • Thtugnfjdhrgrhthghguhv and the kids were going out and they are doing well in my life I love them so I don’t have a chance I have a couple things that are really going through the day and the kids have to work with them I don’t want them in my room because I’m going out to the gym to do the kids I just want them out of my bed I have a little time and I’m not

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  • Fgteev

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  • Thgg

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  • The funniest part that that Shawn made you mess up you got angry at him and say SHAAAAAWN😂

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