GOOZY Secret Hide and Seek Challenge! Get the Golden Cupcake OUTSIDE! (FGTeeV Escapes #3)

17 nov 2020
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Did you know there is a Golden Cupcake waiting for you in Goozy? Also we encounter Goozy's Final Form and we escape Chapter 1!!
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  • Like I'm 8 my mother's icon kid

    kommireddy deepthireddykommireddy deepthireddy3 tundi tagasi
  • Hi fgteev but can you please make a goozy music video please 😀😀

    kommireddy deepthireddykommireddy deepthireddy5 tundi tagasi
  • make a song about goozy and how he sucks chasing you

    saf hsaf h9 tundi tagasi
  • Do

  • Me and my cuz has Goozy we both like it well not when she is scared

    Gacha life Bill cipher2207Gacha life Bill cipher220710 tundi tagasi
  • Chris

    Alma RamirezAlma Ramirez10 tundi tagasi
  • Game: 12 mins Video: Imma ruin your career with two numbers and one word *15 minutes*

    •Teddy Bearシ••Teddy Bearシ•13 tundi tagasi
  • Wow I can't believe you made this video on my sister's 6th birthday!

    Dom JaquiDom Jaqui14 tundi tagasi

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  • I Wisch dey ad baldi goozy

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  • add 2 mad

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  • add me

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  • Moregoofy please

    Audrey McGogyAudrey McGogy23 tundi tagasi
  • 0:39 Goozy Vented

    Jakov SimeticJakov SimeticPäev tagasi
  • The finel form looks like a spider

    BGG Sunny TVBGG Sunny TVPäev tagasi
  • Hi my name is ty

    Belita BoneBelita BonePäev tagasi
  • I hate their Channel Funnel Vision but I like fgteev

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  • Guys I'm not going to lie I captured all the GOOEY family

    newluv4ya69newluv4ya69Päev tagasi
  • I got goozy

    Lilly WhiteLilly WhitePäev tagasi
  • I we know who the imposter right guys 8:27

    B LzcoB LzcoPäev tagasi
    • I mean 8:37

      B LzcoB LzcoPäev tagasi
  • Chapter 2 AMONG US

    Rachel ClarkRachel ClarkPäev tagasi
  • Hi I love your Channel

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  • hi i love you

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  • i can t do it

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  • Can u add a new Easter egg

    Baby SaiyanBaby SaiyanPäev tagasi
  • i was playing goozy i was so scared

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  • I dint dowlowd dint dow me uh

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  • Mateo1005

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  • Do you escape goodys’ House

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  • Ay daddy ay mommy your guys names are Vince and smahta

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  • Pls make part 2 of smile pls!!🤩🤩😍🤩😍

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  • l love

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  • I love your game

    David NavarroDavid Navarro2 päeva tagasi
  • i did want goozy but its on apple i dont have apple im so sad cuz a have amason

    James ElworthyJames Elworthy2 päeva tagasi
  • Boozy:ha ha I am the imposter I can go into the vents I am The best Fgteevers:it is so oveyos that boozy is the imposter we sor him going into the vents so we are going to vote him out and he sesy use when he is going into the vents Goozy:do not voty me Fgteevers:to bad Goozy:nooooooooooooooooooooo

    Judith OkaforJudith Okafor2 päeva tagasi
  • can you do chapter 2 please

    James ElworthyJames Elworthy2 päeva tagasi
    • can you do chapter 2 of goozy please

      James ElworthyJames Elworthy2 päeva tagasi
  • 10:31 loool!

    KnottyKnotty2 päeva tagasi
  • GOOZMAN it’s mad at my house 😰

    Alonzo GamingAlonzo Gaming2 päeva tagasi
  • Mek. Teptor2. Goze

    Dina MarliaDina Marlia2 päeva tagasi
  • I buy goozy thank you fgteev

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  • Good

    labonno mistilabonno misti3 päeva tagasi
  • Louis gooey gooey gooey you you doing HGTV orders right now order it and play it with a girl FT TV someone for the laugh don’t laugh in. Ok

    J DaughtryJ Daughtry3 päeva tagasi
  • hey when is chapter 2 is going to be coming

    Zachary LiccardiZachary Liccardi3 päeva tagasi
  • This game is the best

    Manouchka CouchManouchka Couch3 päeva tagasi
  • cool game

    Asmaa SebbahAsmaa Sebbah3 päeva tagasi
  • can you play more goozy

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  • Goozy. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🏢🤭🤭🤭😜😀😀😙😚😳😚😚😀😙😟🤗😀😬🤩🤩🤩🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍

    Hector PorilloHector Porillo3 päeva tagasi
  • Me: get chase and mike and lex l we go get him l. The oreo is dog

    Andri Hernanda 90Andri Hernanda 904 päeva tagasi
  • Fgteev I want to see what it will look like when you make a goozy song.

    Yudelca CruzYudelca Cruz4 päeva tagasi
  • I'm playing goozy fgteev

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  • I got in goozy chase samatha lex shawn oreo and mike it was Scary

    Karen FloresKaren Flores4 päeva tagasi
  • I have the game I set all slides free 30 minutes later I have 6 weres lexi!!!! She was in the book shelf passage

    Jman HamptonJman Hampton4 päeva tagasi
  • Hi oylf Hi ionfx

    Esho BazEsho Baz4 päeva tagasi
  • Goozy 7fmily do ona ❤️ Hide and seek Gold cupcake 🧁🕓

    sahrizan muhamadsahrizan muhamad4 päeva tagasi
  • I am a youtuber and I am your big fan your this video is so much better I am your fan

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  • timothy's dad is named like me

    Reginald CopperbottomReginald Copperbottom4 päeva tagasi
  • Boozy eat and gets fat like chubby like fgteev

    tulasi polisettitulasi polisetti4 päeva tagasi
  • This one time i had more ten batterry the same time as you

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  • You a lyin about laevin your son you did left your son (mike) in the video trying new food combination 😑😑😑

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  • Iiiiii GOT IT

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  • Cool

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  • Do a number three pls?😭☺️

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    • I mean four

      Breanne GallantBreanne Gallant5 päeva tagasi
  • Tip: when goozy gets bigger he gets faster

    BethianaBethiana5 päeva tagasi
    • I made a video of gameplay of goozy pls watch

      squeezy and friendssqueezy and friends20 minutit tagasi
    • Oh-

      Shelina KhanShelina Khan8 tundi tagasi
    • The scariest form of goozy is the final form

      sticky toessticky toes2 päeva tagasi
    • 4

      arturo a villsrrealarturo a villsrreal2 päeva tagasi
    • That is really true

      David ArguelloDavid Arguello4 päeva tagasi
  • I have goozy and it is sooo fun ❤❤❤❤

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  • goozy sus goozy vented

    Drkrakken36Drkrakken365 päeva tagasi
  • I subcerib

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  • Me: siing goozy Goozy:do you have ăsta cupcake?

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  • 👋

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  • So funny you look funny dady and Shawn

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    • NAaH

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  • My cousin and me both have this game we ❤️ it 😍

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  • Now I no

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  • I am such a big fan of fgteev

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  • I downloaded goozy on android

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  • Its just a copy of hello neighbor

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  • You know what irritates me so much, when Duddy doesn’t suck up the other slimes

    HAV GhostHAV Ghost6 päeva tagasi
    • Lol

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  • 10:11 everytime i see that i laugh

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  • A Saree rd €3 really good reason really enjoyed every other parts

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  • Tell Shawn Good job at using big words

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