GRANNY 3: The Twins!! FGTeeV vs. Bob & Buck the Diamond Thieves

28 nov 2020
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We've been waiting for a new GRANNY GAME!! Except they look a little different! 100k 👍 4 The Twins and then ✔️SUBSCRIBE 2 stop Dollar & Robert ➡ (Press the 🔔 ONLY if you're cool)
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  • Guys go back and play this again granny and grandpa are there go and play it

    Matt LettasMatt LettasTund tagasi
  • i haven't watched you in so long its crazy-

    Cosmic UnicornCosmic Unicorn4 tundi tagasi
  • Dxx

    SAMEER TidvfhSAMEER Tidvfh4 tundi tagasi
  • Update the game granny and grandpa are in the update

    Kimberly CunninghamKimberly Cunningham4 tundi tagasi
  • Mimih kim

    Mimih KimMimih Kim12 tundi tagasi
  • way duudy like to scream and you shawn you are creative the hol time duddy just mad at shawn duddy is dumm shawn am not mad at you shawn you are so good at playing this

    nadia ninditanadia nindita14 tundi tagasi
  • Dqi”2 ,..,unhappy. No. Ji.iuoiho

    BO TBO TPäev tagasi
  • No he did not go to ghost mode the fat one can't see

    Gaming with YoleinyGaming with YoleinyPäev tagasi
  • Yes and no update on the twins come check it out

    Osman HakimOsman HakimPäev tagasi
  • The twins a new update

    Manu GM CloneManu GM ClonePäev tagasi
  • the twins have a new update there are geust it is graany and grandpa and slendrina mask

    Kasthuri BaiKasthuri BaiPäev tagasi
  • There's an update pls play this game again such cool things and new guest new places

    Flippy x FlakyFlippy x FlakyPäev tagasi
  • Pepper jack cheese

    liezel Adelanteliezel AdelantePäev tagasi
  • Omg that blood ad in the back was at the perfecto timing lol

    Epic fallsEpic fallsPäev tagasi
    • Yes who like it

      Epic fallsEpic fallsPäev tagasi
  • Five ways to glitch hello neighbor

    Charity HagoodCharity HagoodPäev tagasi
  • Do five ways to glitch hello neighbor five ways to glitch hello neighbor

    Charity HagoodCharity HagoodPäev tagasi
  • If you would do you know Babam both have a new update do you know who this There’s no room in new stuff and sending us masks

    Behice ÖzenBehice Özen2 päeva tagasi
  • And look beihind the painting in grapas

    Adil BilalliAdil Bilalli2 päeva tagasi
  • There is a new update

    Adil BilalliAdil Bilalli2 päeva tagasi
  • I have completed this game

    The CousinsThe Cousins2 päeva tagasi
  • There 4 guast

    Claire JoseClaire Jose2 päeva tagasi
  • I will always love this channel it always makes me feel like I am the family and I think you for that (:

    Maria PapamaMaria Papama2 päeva tagasi
  • Vince: yeah me dumb me dumb me dumb shawn: yeah your dumb me: WOW now that's a kid who agrees with everything

    galaxy worldgalaxy world2 päeva tagasi
  • Can you do the twins+Granny and grandpa??

    [[o q h i x l だ]][[o q h i x l だ]]2 päeva tagasi
  • I don’t live in umerica

    The FifitasThe Fifitas2 päeva tagasi
  • Z Granny

    Will MorrishWill Morrish2 päeva tagasi
  • Vins there is a update.

    Kris GKris G3 päeva tagasi
  • 4:50 I was laughing at

    Charli_greggCharli_gregg3 päeva tagasi
  • I already played this its hard

    vlogging with jaxen Wardvlogging with jaxen Ward3 päeva tagasi
  • I've been watching you since 2015

    Joseph PacioJoseph Pacio3 päeva tagasi
  • Haaaaaaa😂😂😂😂

    ألعاب الفديو القطط اللطيفألعاب الفديو القطط اللطيف3 päeva tagasi
  • The Twins

    GoozyGoozy3 päeva tagasi
  • In the twins there's a new update and the new mode is "with guests and you have to find the slendrina mask and if granny sees you with the mask she will fall in 😍 with you.

    Jenna LoeffenJenna Loeffen3 päeva tagasi
  • The big fat one is Bob and the skinny one Is buck

    Fire LifeFire Life3 päeva tagasi
  • GRANNY 3: The Twins!! FGTeeV vs. Bob and Buck the Diamond Thieves

    fitria utamakomputerfitria utamakomputer3 päeva tagasi
  • I woch hours Roblox guem

    Keily SotoKeily Soto3 päeva tagasi
  • Why do you screen

    Jacob ValenzuelaJacob Valenzuela3 päeva tagasi
  • There’s a new update play it again The twins please FGTEEV

    Dominic SauvieDominic Sauvie3 päeva tagasi
  • Yo there's an update its granny and grandpa in the game so maybe Bob and Buck maybe be granny sons

    darcy warddarcy ward3 päeva tagasi
  • Granny 3

    Elle TucciElle Tucci3 päeva tagasi
  • Hi you're awesome you should play talking Tom friend

    Mekaila KealohaMekaila Kealoha3 päeva tagasi
  • 4:50 LOL parmesan cheese

    Geey_Geey GamingGeey_Geey Gaming3 päeva tagasi
  • also play piggy

    Michel FilfiliMichel Filfili3 päeva tagasi
  • fgteev play more the twins granny and grandpa when you click with guests and than their there in the abandoned prison

    Michel FilfiliMichel Filfili3 päeva tagasi
  • fgteev more the twins granny and grandpa when you you click with guest and than there

    Michel FilfiliMichel Filfili3 päeva tagasi
  • 4:50 PEPPER JACK CHEESE!!!!!!!!!

    kendalyns showkendalyns show4 päeva tagasi
  • There is new update in the twins granny and grandpa and granny are in the game and there are new rooms

    EforEBA JEforEBA J4 päeva tagasi
  • WOW how did they get so big

    BTSBillieEilishBlackpink fanBTSBillieEilishBlackpink fan4 päeva tagasi
  • The twins have a new update

    Jayden CraigJayden Craig4 päeva tagasi
  • Subscribe to fgteev for his glory things like so I'm just going to leprechaun

    Jessica NicholsJessica Nichols4 päeva tagasi
  • Call me

    Bonnie FosterBonnie Foster4 päeva tagasi
  • play agin update is gesats and granny and grandpa and new house bladt

    Milena PopovicMilena Popovic4 päeva tagasi
  • Aaaaaaayyyyyy

    Стнйпхъ!ха!!пилиян СтанчевСтнйпхъ!ха!!пилиян Станчев4 päeva tagasi
  • Its 2021 Happy New Year!

    Rhea Lindsay BautistaRhea Lindsay Bautista4 päeva tagasi
  • Think

    ivan ivanovicivan ivanovic4 päeva tagasi
  • Shawn

    ivan ivanovicivan ivanovic4 päeva tagasi
  • I ❤ U😙

    Dayang AqeelaDayang Aqeela4 päeva tagasi
  • and in extrem mode hahahahahaha

    Rania MakramRania Makram4 päeva tagasi
  • if you ded in hard mode you well die in the game hahahahaha

    Rania MakramRania Makram4 päeva tagasi
  • Yo big mew update granny and grandpa in the game

    FrustratedPanda 3417FrustratedPanda 34175 päeva tagasi

    efe the pro ETPefe the pro ETP5 päeva tagasi
  • Yo da best fgteev.

    Jayden SmithJayden Smith5 päeva tagasi
  • Pro mask slendrina kiss granny love you

    Hacker Joker GamingHacker Joker Gaming5 päeva tagasi
  • Me thank for video me live cambodia me like for video the wins មកលឥ

    Hacker Joker GamingHacker Joker Gaming5 päeva tagasi
  • Did you hear he said not to drop a thing or you are going to die

    Judith OkaforJudith Okafor5 päeva tagasi
  • He said he loved the child and then he pushed his head really quick to focus on the game-

    Ariana MatosAriana Matos5 päeva tagasi
  • You also can play with granny and grandpa by tapping the 'guest option'

    Ishan ki duniyaIshan ki duniya5 päeva tagasi
  • Try to play the smiling x zero

    Gabby ConcepcionGabby Concepcion5 päeva tagasi
  • What is the difference really N it’s so different granny end grandpa is a new version they don’t look the same

    Jaida MitchellJaida Mitchell5 päeva tagasi
  • 12:35

    2K KID2K KID5 päeva tagasi
  • 0:05 the double kill logo was from codm

    quim phquim ph5 päeva tagasi
  • intro music is lit tho

    Zion ChambersZion Chambers5 päeva tagasi
  • Baby soup ??

    Arti AdrianArti Adrian5 päeva tagasi
  • Wow I love it

    Arti AdrianArti Adrian5 päeva tagasi
  • Hmbj

    Ayesha MajeedAyesha Majeed5 päeva tagasi

    sushila nayaksushila nayak6 päeva tagasi
  • Shadow. Play

    Nurjahan ShomaNurjahan Shoma6 päeva tagasi
  • Play the twins again there's a new update granny and Grandpa are there there's a lot of new things and there's also a new weapons and things pleaseeeeee

    Marcus ArcigaMarcus Arciga6 päeva tagasi

    Marcus ArcigaMarcus Arciga6 päeva tagasi

    Marcus ArcigaMarcus Arciga6 päeva tagasi

    Marcus ArcigaMarcus Arciga6 päeva tagasi
  • this channel was my channel

    VenitVenit6 päeva tagasi
  • There is a new part of the map

    Ink loki AudleyInk loki Audley6 päeva tagasi
  • Bob has Granny hair Granny is fat with hammer and grandpa with gun

    S KamatS Kamat6 päeva tagasi
  • double kil with codm

    Klaus Tristan HupedaKlaus Tristan Hupeda6 päeva tagasi
  • The double kill simble is from call of duty mobile

    Ono SearesOno Seares6 päeva tagasi
  • In 2:59 minute why Bob not kill. You idk 😅

    Ranjeeta DeviRanjeeta Devi6 päeva tagasi
  • Fgteev is a new update on the twins

    Anthony CamberosAnthony Camberos6 päeva tagasi
  • Hahahaha hahaha hahahaha

    The FifitasThe Fifitas6 päeva tagasi
  • There’s a bug in the game

    vCliffyvCliffy6 päeva tagasi
  • omgg 1114

    Jason GuazhimaJason Guazhima6 päeva tagasi
  • i love dhis

    Terrance BrownTerrance Brown6 päeva tagasi
  • 🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍬🍬🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍮🍮🎂🎂🍩🍼🍼🍸🧋🥃🥄🥄🥄🥄🧂🥄🥄🥄🥄n

    Abinash BainsAbinash Bains7 päeva tagasi
  • I laugh at this alot :D

    GoldenFoxPlayzGoldenFoxPlayz7 päeva tagasi
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    Essa AlnomsyEssa Alnomsy7 päeva tagasi
  • It’s not granny three

    Shadow BoyShadow Boy7 päeva tagasi
  • Guys evil nun is ice scream’s mom

    Abdal AnanAbdal Anan7 päeva tagasi
  • Me

    象棋小達人象棋小達人7 päeva tagasi
  • Me:looks through comments.Edit:Yeet!Me:Immediately scrolls up.

    Braelon langstonBraelon langston8 päeva tagasi
  • can u guys make a snapchat account

    Dragon machine RxDragon machine Rx8 päeva tagasi