HOW to KILL an ORC! FGTeeV vs Orcs Must Die 3

8 aug 2020
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I never knew Orcs were so similar to humans! Thanks to Stadia for Sponsoring this video. Start your free trial of Stadia Pro here and play ORCS MUST DIE instantly: . For every 1 like, 1 Orc will die!
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  • The punch kinda scared me

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  • Stadium map of can I have

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  • That orc is a human😎 And a costume

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  • Why are you had to be scary

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    • FG TV dad is not Amy his name is FGTV dad FG TV dad he’s not Amy bored or don’t listen to FGTV dad don’t listen to him

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  • Me:*screams*

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  • I want to cause any more time I'm going to talk let me call the other videos so I can do this only me not on the people

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  • His name is Jenny

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  • Its only one minute in and I'm alredy dying of laughter

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  • he has seen green grass from the skit he was standing on green grass

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  • You are lie

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  • You lie

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  • is amy fake is he ha ha

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  • I watched this again and I just remembered that Amy sounds like a girl name like if u agree

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    • I love it

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    • I have a friend named Amy and she is very young ,I dont want to say her age but she is older then 3 and younger then 7

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  • I’m a big fannnnnnnn I love all of your videos my name is Kisanet I wish I could be in one of your videos I am the bigesttttttt fannnnnn everrrrr😘🥰🥳😇😍 the green monster is very crazy where did you get him and Shawn should be I every vid because he is soo funny and cute

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    • I agree

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  • 8:05 sorry this is where I left off

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  • Ask you Annie you are a costume

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  • The one thing that can take down the orc race are tomato’s do not repeat me

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  • The one thing that can take down the orc race are Tomatoes don’t repeat me

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  • n im o' G or5

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  • @@_.@ e r O c4 I-1/\- L.

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  • West bank of Texas and other cities and counties

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  • Heritage rehab and other health care services in game management were not allowed in their state until after school year and have been working on a new York school for the past few years and have been working on a new study for the health care industry in the

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  • Ha the orcs name is AMY is it AMY from sonic his I perfer the orcs name to be smasher

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